We are a Colombian Australian collaborative lifestyle, fashion brand that combines the natural laid-back nature of Australian culture with the tropical, colourful vibrancy of Colombia.

All of our products are 100% made with Iraca Palm and toquilla straw. We work with artisans to help preserve Colombia’s unique talent, share its legacy and offer pieces that incorporate traditional weaves into modern designs.

We empower strong
and talented women

We empower the strong and talented women of the artisanal communities in Colombia and help to preserve and pass on their ancient techniques through the generations. We want to share these incredible techniques with a modern twist to all parts of the world.

By utilising sustainable production methods and hand made techniques, we aim to reduce the negative impact of mass production. There is nothing more beautiful than owning an item that has been made by hand to include the labour and love of an individual artisan. We believe that a piece of our artisans’ soul is incorporated into each and every item we sell.


We believe in colour

We believe in nature

We believe in vibrant, raw luxury

All our items are hand crafted

All our pieces are hand crafted in small quantities and each piece is completely unique with no mass production. We support women and their unique strength and creativity and we support small, family run businesses and ethical work practices.

IndiJam - Where modern Australian design meets centuries old Colombian techniques.


Studies have shown that wearing bright colours positively effects your mood and stress levels, so why not add a unique IndiJam piece to your collection and brighten up both your mood AND your wardrobe!

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